Sunday, 3 January 2010

Beautiful Blogger

So being tagged as beautiful blogger was the jump start I needed from Lia to get back into blogging. I started my first blog for 2010 with my astrology and this will be my random facts. This is the year of ensuring I finish the journey I started with the 12 week challenge at my gym. More of that later............time for the randoms.

1. I am scaredy cat............but not in the sense I am scared of spooky things. I am too scared to move out of my comfort zone, this is my downfall, which is really mismatched with my bravado attitude. Will do things on my own, like train, travel and go to movies but will not find the strength to leave the security blanket of a marriage that really is not a marriage. He is my friend and I don't want to hurt him.

2. I enjoy not having a close family and I feel guilty about it when others have no family! I am also glad I do not have a big family.

3. I do not like my job but do my job because it is easy. The job is not my 'oh my gosh, how lucky am I' type of job, I think that is yet to come. My dream is to have a 'Holistic' type of place in a beautiful rainforest setting where you can spend a day there. I would like to own it and rent out rooms/studios to others who wish to compliment the center ie personal training and yoga's of sorts, massages of all types, life coaching, general meeting place to discuss issues and problems over herbal teas and coffees with fresh and innovative food. It would also be a gallery of art of sorts. I would like to do this place with friends.

4. I love the beach, the ocean. It is soothing and it feels like home. This is not surprising as i am aquarian. I can sit and watch the waves and tidal ebbs for hours and find peace with it's constant movement.

5. I have discovered the world of herbal teas, the magical aromas that just tickles your senses.

6. I have ecclectic tastes and methods!

7. I have a lot but always seem to want more. This puzzles me and often frustrates me!

There we are, some very random facts about me.



Anonymous said...


Sandra said...

Hey Dori, probably the most honest and heartfelt "tag" I've read this past week.

LizN said...

I hope you continue to keep blogging Dori, I've missed you

Anonymous said...

Well it's about time. LOL!! Welcome back to blogging! ;o) xxx

Michelle said...

Hey beautiful Doris,
I'm a scaredy cat in remission. Someone suggested I read 'feel the fear and do it anyway' by Sussan Jeffers.
I'd recommend it.

Tearose said...

Hi Doris! I am so glad to have found your blog again! I have to try those manmakers! I hope you keep blogging, I understand though my blogging hasn't been very consistent lately :s
OOh Michelle I just found that book on my shelf, I am going to dig right in!.

Em said...

YAY to blogging again, I have missed you, i too have finally gotten back to bloggin after a year away.
I can't wait to read more :-)
Em :-)