Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Oohhhh! I forgot..............

what having a period feels like! Not happy Jan, so over the pain! Doc says that if and when (which is now) I do get my periods back, the first couple maybe killers. You know what, give me DOMS anyday over this crap! Overit! I think I need to go take some naprogesics.

Okay whinge over and now moving on. Have been amazingly strict and clean with my eating. Did a good light weight session this morning (belly pain a little bit of a hinder on the strength side of things - so just had a play) with Chris. Did a bit of back and shoulders. I am hoping that I can have a good session tomorrow. I miss doing heavy weights sometimes and today was one of those days. You know I never realised how draining Ttom can be. Early to bed tonight I think. Going to be a late night tomorrow night, as it alway seems to be on State of Origin night. We as a group of friends, head over to ones place, have a pot luck dinner and then watch the game. So I will have to try and get my stuff together before I go out. Determined to keep on the current path, so plan and prepare is the way to go.

So a short and sweet post, not very comfortable atm. Talk soon..............


Monday, 1 June 2009

Make the most of this power!

Well banner says it all at the moment. Food is good, killing it in training and had some drop in scale weight. This current mode of thought and process is working out great.

On another note, I finally have a visit from Uncle Ttom! This traveller has been absent since the 2nd of November, so long drinks between visits and affects are not comfortable atm - belly has a low dull ache. Ah something I didn't miss.

Training is set for the next 10 to 12 weeks, with a very mixed up program from coach. We worked together this morning on some good moves which I am excited about trying out.

Also really starting to enjoy the interval resistance sprints on elliptical. Be good to be able to do that on the treadmill. One day, I will do it! But atm, following with heavy duty cycle intervals and xtrainer.

Well time to log planned food and get clothes ready. and bed.......................................