Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Beautiful Blogger

So being tagged as beautiful blogger was the jump start I needed from Lia to get back into blogging. I started my first blog for 2010 with my astrology and this will be my random facts. This is the year of ensuring I finish the journey I started with the 12 week challenge at my gym. More of that later............time for the randoms.

1. I am scaredy cat............but not in the sense I am scared of spooky things. I am too scared to move out of my comfort zone, this is my downfall, which is really mismatched with my bravado attitude. Will do things on my own, like train, travel and go to movies but will not find the strength to leave the security blanket of a marriage that really is not a marriage. He is my friend and I don't want to hurt him.

2. I enjoy not having a close family and I feel guilty about it when others have no family! I am also glad I do not have a big family.

3. I do not like my job but do my job because it is easy. The job is not my 'oh my gosh, how lucky am I' type of job, I think that is yet to come. My dream is to have a 'Holistic' type of place in a beautiful rainforest setting where you can spend a day there. I would like to own it and rent out rooms/studios to others who wish to compliment the center ie personal training and yoga's of sorts, massages of all types, life coaching, general meeting place to discuss issues and problems over herbal teas and coffees with fresh and innovative food. It would also be a gallery of art of sorts. I would like to do this place with friends.

4. I love the beach, the ocean. It is soothing and it feels like home. This is not surprising as i am aquarian. I can sit and watch the waves and tidal ebbs for hours and find peace with it's constant movement.

5. I have discovered the world of herbal teas, the magical aromas that just tickles your senses.

6. I have ecclectic tastes and methods!

7. I have a lot but always seem to want more. This puzzles me and often frustrates me!

There we are, some very random facts about me.


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Your year Ahead


Yours is an unpredictable approach to life and love. Aquarians are facinated by the unusual and bored with the ordinary. You love being surrounded by people with friends coming from all walks of life. True Aquarius take people as they come and expect the same in return. No amount of cajoling will convince you to become involved in activities you don't believe in. When confronted with demands or rules, you rebel. You don't mind being asked to do something, but you do resent being told what to do!

Your Star Role: Shape the shamanic tradition, a shape shifter changes into another form (be it animal, human or mineral) to access certain strengths and perceptions. No physical morphing for you, but you will learn how to move between vastly different guises. It's a 'catch me if you can' game. Careers, relationships, even your persona - all are subject to change. Some will watch your progress with rapt fascination; others can't help but feel teased or frustrated with this constant change into different disguises.

2010 Overview: Good old fashioned practicality usually gets the best result. The trouble is you're bored with the tried and tested, and feel drawn towards thrill and adventure. So if unexpected offers arise, your'e likely to hop on board. Instict will help ou avoid any abstacles as you develop a feel for the right direction. Your emotional strength and determination make a powerful package, with any new study giving you the strength to follow through.

The Fire Horse either succeeds beyond our wildest imagination or goes down in flames; they are the movers and shakers of the world. . You tend to be volatile in the extreme and not afraid to take even the most dangerous risks. Depending on how much artistic talent you have, you can be a flamboyant, charismatic performer. You add excitement to our lives and are great to have around---when you can control your temper and innate restlessness.

Good news for the horses! Year 2010 might be one of the smoothest years for you. You will find bonds between your friends and relatives being built fairly easily. Keep a clear head when making decisions for you will find that plenty of decisions may sound familiar to one another but with very different outcomes. You may also tend to overfeed yourself in the upcoming year so be sure to keep on a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Renegade Manmakers!

Hey peepers, thought it was time to talk a little.

Well Challenge is travelling slowly now, as the initial weight drop has slowed somewhat down. That is good, means I am doing the right thing.

Training has geared up several notches with new styles of training being introduced to keep that body of my guessing at all times. I have noticed that my body can adapt to a training regime quite quickly, so the aim of the game is to freak it out at all times.

Having said that, last Friday we did a huge training session (Michelangelo the trainer and myself) which part of it was “Renegade Man Makers”! Whoa! Talk about hard and different. There are many versions of it on the web, but here is the one I did.

Start with dumbbells in hand in a push up position with legs slightly wider apart. Single row from each arm then down into a pushup. Burpee up from there into a standing shoulder press with DB. Single walking lunge on each leg. Do about 5 reps of this routine, then jump on rower for a full minute sprint – sitting around 65 – 70 strokes/min. this was then repeated 5 times. These little babies were done after 5 sets of clean and press set 30kg supaset with 16kg KB (50)swings and before 5 sets stair runs supaset with front kicks. Hmmm pattern here, must like everything in fives??? As you can see my weight training is very cardio based, with a few heavy sessions thrown in here and there. I do miss my heavy weights, but they will always come back! But absolutely loving it!

On the food front, my eating guidelines have changed again, increased to compensate all the exercise I am doing. I now have more carbs, more protein and of course, more broccoli!

Well there is officially 4 & ½ weeks left on the gyms 12 week challenge and I have come to the acceptance that I will not win it! I set my goal for this and will keep trying to achieve this goal, but as I said in the beginning it is a big ask…………….and I forgot about my body’s issue with recovery fluid. But overall I will have had a great result anyway, and you have always got to be happy with that. I know that my cardio fitness level is increasing all the time and that definitely is a goal achieved. And I am starting to enjoy the cardio side of things, probably because it is so different.

Well not much more to talk about, life has been the same almost everyday…………eating, training, sleeping.

Have a great week.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Changes are coming!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I am too quick to judge!

Hey there, about time posted me thinks.

First I think I will address a situation I was in last night. A dear friend of mine who is a FD at another gym told me she had taken on one of her trainers to train her. I don't like the guy and I promptly said so. But I think I upset her by saying this. I am only too sori if this is the case. My opinion of this person is only from past experience which he was not very nice to me. I tend to have a bit of a problem of remembering bad things and not letting go! A trait that i shall endeavour one day to fix, but alas the little gremlin feeling often comes back and clouds my judgements. I really should give that person the benefit of doubt that he is a changed person or I mistook his persona in the first place. I am only too happy that my friend has found another trainer that she feels confident with and one that she feels will produce the results she is looking for.

On to my challenge..............I have been really working hard at my challenge and yes I am doing a lot more than general life style changes would be, but remembering I have an awful lot of weight to shed. A comment was said to me on the weekend and I feel I just have to have a little say(seems to be the norm atm hhahahahah) If this is working for me atm, then I think i will stick to something that is working, even if I am busting my boiler to get. I figure if I can get there, it would to easier to maintain at a lifestyle level than at the weight loss level. i have been on this yoyo run for a very long time and even with the knowledge behind me (yes I have my cert 3 and cert 4 in Fitness)I still struggle mentally with all the ups and downs of the day to day humdrums of trying to lose the weight I have put on over 18 years. I also have another bad trait and take to heart when someone else has a better result at something that I work so hard at and they do not, it used to get to my head.............I would get all depressed and stress over the fact that i can not acheive results like some others. I think the worst is when you are told it is all down to energy in verses energy out and your calories expended on exercise alone is over 1000 calories and your intake for the day is 1400 calories, then being told you are not eating enough???? Well what is it??? BUT and this is a big BUT, is not the case this time................for some unknown reason, this little push to get my ball rolling is actually working and i think I have blogged this before, maybe it is because I have finally stopped feeling sorry for myself!

Motivation is a funny word as what is the motivation??? Am I motivated to exercise.............hell yes! Albeit i was not so into cardio, I was always into heavy weights. Fell in love with free weights about 8 years ago and have never looked back at that. But taking on "Michelangelo" at my gym, I think has changed a few things too. We do a lot of weights mixed with cardio, so in fact I have an elevated heart rate at all times...........lighter weights (for me) so many more reps and so little rest times. Snap, snap, snap..............

Food is an issue, being told quite often, you are not eating enough, you are eating too much, you should not eat this, you should eat this..................but I think if you can find something you are comfortable with and able to maintain at a longer period of time, just go with the flow. I have found this right little mix atm and I don't seem to be sick of it yet. I basically have the same thing day in day out except for dinner, that is decided on the day and what is in fridge at the time. I know some of you think you should have a variation to make sure you get enough of everything, but I can tell you the only things I am missing out on is not appropriate food to the weight loss goal! I have also gotten out of measuring food, becoming obsessed with how many calories I was eating............taking it back to just being consistant! Part of the challenge they give you a guideline of what to eat in foods, but I have modified it for me (I tend to think it does not allow for enough protein), and it has allowed me to be constant in maintaining my plan, to which I can proudly say I that I have only strayed from it twice (eaten off plan) and missed 5 meals and had 6 extra tidbits in the last 6 weeks. So something that is comfortable and enjoyable to eat. I do however write down everything that has passed my lips (including suppliments) only to show the trainer what my intake was for the day against what training I had done for the day. Part of his requirment.

So I have six weeks left of this challenge and hoping that I might have a decent result for the ending, but I have already made plans to keep on this path well after the challenge has finished. I expect this will not be a problem as I am not finding this difficult in anyway. I will say although, I am experiencing hungry feelings before each meal, more so in the morning than evening, so this is a good sign that the metabolism is working at its very best.

So today was supposed to hold a bike ride - about 21km and then 300 training but i was way too slack. I have been lying on the couch all afternoon catching up on blogs, posts on forums and facebook. i still have a shitload of clothes to wash and fold and then there is dinner............steak tonight i think! yummo!

Full week of training again on the cards with two killing sessions with 'Michelangelo'. Last week he killed me. But I am noticing changes in my pilates, my abdominals appear to be a little stronger, in balance I can twist and stretch a little further, cross training with him always seems more and more intense and cardio - there is more and more of it!

Well I have blabbed enough, so will be back soon.

have a great week with your endeavours and most of all enjoy yourself.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I am warrior!

Spartan I am!

Well this week has been more than action packed. Monday started with spin class and massive triple ab sets. then Tuesday started with 45mins of interval cardio, followed by weights sessions. Massive boxing session in the afternoon then a beautiful chill in steam room.

This morning I arrived to be trained by 'Michelangelo' and discovered that I am doing the '300 Spartan training' session. Whoa, talk about a full on hard push. But absolutely loved it. Didn't think I would enjoy this type of training but killed. I think the fact that he was standing over me made a bigger difference. I can tell you that I will be very sore tomorrow morning. Tonight I went back for his pilates class and my abs are just dying! But I am getting stronger in them, just have to get rid of some boobs and belly and then it will be very easy! hehehe.

Now I have to do this '300' training twice a week, so next session is on Friday night, modified to suit me at home. Following is what I did at gym this morning.

25 pullups as fast as you can
50 deadlifts as fast as you can - olympic bar and 10kg each side.
50 pushups as fast as you can
50 box jumps as fast as you can
50 floor wipers as fast as you can
50 clean and press (dumbbell or kettle ball) as fast as you can
25 pullups as fast as you can.

My home version I do burpees instead of pullups.

So the rest of week is pretty crazy too, spin in the morning, super ab set, balance in afternoon, Friday 30 mins cardio interval, then 1 hour with Michelangelo, 300 training in afternoon, bootcamp on Saturday morning and then a massive long walk in afternoon. Oh Sunday has just got to be the day of sleep????????????????? and only to start all over again on Monday! loving it loving it loving it!


Saturday, 19 September 2009

Shame on me for the neglect!

I have so totally neglected my blog, so I am updating from my forum journal, so those of you have already read, it is only a repeat.

19 Sep 2009 09:01pm
Good evening.

Well I did say I would post results of my first four weeks of the Challenge.

I have lost 7 kilos, 25 cm all over and 18mm of body fat.

I was shy 1 kilo of my 4 week goal but everyone tells me I got to be happy with my results. You have to be happy with any results let alone the ones I just posted.

So game plan has picked up and new workout (blueprint plan) for the continuation of the construction of the Sistine Chapel!

So instead of following the set eating plan in the challenge manual, Michelangelo has tweaked it a little and I have a new plan stan! Pretty much the same as I have been following but a little tighter in a few places, much more stricter with supplements and protein allotments.

I have had a free day today, eating very clean until tonight, which was leftover satay that the boys had a couple of nights ago, and I couldn't finish it.

Back into it tomorrow with a boxing session and then a 30 min cycle (road or stationary) but at a level pace. Thinking about going into the gym to do it. My foot and leg has been throbbing from the walk on Friday afternoon, something not right. Am lying here typing with leg up higher than the heart to try and eliviate it.

Don't think I will be long out of bed as I had a pretty bad night sleep last night.

Oh yeah, I have some pretty major doms atm in my back, bis and tris! Wahoo!

Talk to you tomorrow.


18 Sep 2009 09:51 pm
Okay,it is Friday night and I am lying on the couch with my feet up on a pillow, resting after a massive day! Phew!

So update..................thursday started with a spin class with Kiwi Craig and abs, then back that night with Body balance, managed the bird for a whole minute without falling over. Wahoo.

Woke up this morning and headed to gym at 5.00pm to cactch the 5.45am spin class. 45 mins later, legs were a little heavy, was a bit of a climbing session this one. 1/2 break, chuck a small protein shake and some musashi 'create' for recovery then the hour session with Michelangelo.......................whoa! That was a very very hard session but absolutely loved it. Finished with 10mins on rower, doing sprints and bettering each sprint, set a precedent for the next time we do them. Doh! silly me, now I have to keep digging deeper.................but all jokes aside, loving it! then lay in steam room for 30mins, raced home, shower, clean kitchen, try and sort out a work issue at home, hairdressers for a cut and lighten (summer days need a summer colour), walking around shops for 3 hours, then race home, basically throw groceries into fridge then off for a walk with puppies and friend around the hills of Ormeau.
Home again, legs are a little sore - walked at a very fast pace, so had a little soak in salt bath - want to try and avoid recovery swelling tomorrow. Have the official weigh in tomorrow. Speaking to 'Michelangelo' re where I want to be at the end of the 12 weeks (interesting that he wants exactly what I want????) and also where I want to be this time next year.............?

He asked if I was happy with the last 4 weeks and the results and I said that I was not going to put that on myself, just let it all happen, then I asked him if he was happy with the last 4 weeks and he was wrapped. Apparently he is really enjoying training me and loves my enthusiasm, especially when he sets a hard task. So now all that is left is the the first result tomorrow.

Well have a good weekend guys! Will advise tomorrow of results.


15 Sep 2009 10:23 PM

Whoops been a bit remiss here..............not been posting but a lot going on atm.

Well you know the old saying curiosity killed the cat, well being cocky and all that I jumped on scales Monday morning - not really thinking and they were up 2kg from over the weekend BUT...........its all good! I know this is probably recovery fluid I am holding as I really don't recover well after a very hard cardio session like Saturdays! What can I say, running for a complete hour is not my thang!!!.

So starting from Saturday, here is update.

Bootcamp was great except for all the running but I had Rae's voice in my head, "it is only ugly if you think it ugly", so taking her advice, I kept thinking how all the *beauutifuull* running is going to help me win the challenge. I did twist and hurt my knee however in the directional change running, no biggy, just need to nurse it a bit and wear an compression bandage when doing leg weights and boxing! So my bad was not eating enuf on Saturday - didn't put food into my mouth until about 2.30pm so totally screwed up my system for the day. Went to riverfire and had a picnic on top of the cliffs opposite the city with good friends and family, nibbled on lovely light healthy food like my homemade vietnamese spring rolls, some sushi, celery, tomato, olives etc etc etc I am sure you are getting the picture. Awesome vibrations through the body when the F1-11's flew over to start the fireworks and the dump and burn at the finish.

Sunday was a complete day of rest but didn't get enough water in.

So Monday was the cat killing day - serves me right for jumping on in the first place and was consequently chastised by Michelangelo this morning. Monday I did spin, abs and feeling generally flat all day! My first day of feeling so flat, I just couldn't drap myself to do some more cardio in the afternoon, but went to bed at 7.30pm instead. Did the trick, woke up Tuesday with heaps of energy. Tuesday brought 1 hour cardio in morning (rower 30min and spin bike 30min) then 1 hour of weights with the girls. Back to boxing in afternoon for an hour (fastest boxing session yet) and another 25 mins in steam room for recovery. This morning was sesh day with Michelangelo and we did some serious supasetting once again. Clean and jerks - 15 reps - 5 sets - medium weight, then shoulder press and single leg press - 15 reps - 5 sets. finished with single leg ext with pulse squats just to burn out the quads (and they were burning!!!!!!!!!!) 15 reps - 5 sets. Then a nice medium pace cooldown on treaddy for 10 mins.

Food has been spectacularly spot on for the last week with the exception of Saturday, when I did not eat.

So a long week ahead, lots of work and I have Friday off. But I have another sesh with Michelangelo then so I think I might reward myself with another session in the steam room, I am sure he is going to really stick it to me as we have our first official weigh in on Saturday. Fingers crossed.

have a great peepers!


11 Sep 2009 08:55 aM
Ruh oh, it is 'working my butt off time' *insert evil music here*!

Time to go and face the trainers (including Michelangelo) at the Challenge bootcamp. Don't know if it sucks having your trainer part of the task masters or a blessing as you know he will push you harder!

okay, now get up and go! *mini voice saying.............I'm scared, can't I just sleep in*!


11 Sep 2009 03:03 AM

Day 21 and i can still count on one hand the very minor slip ups from eating plan.

2 coke zero's
2 glasses of red wine (120ml each)
1 tablespoon peanut butter
3 jatz bikkies and 20gms of cheese (yesterday after I gave blood, they would not let me go unless I ate something - choice was jatz and cheese, chocolate, fruit juice! Savoury person so what would I go for!!!!

So leg day this morning and man did I suffer big time - 15 mins cardio on xtrainer, then leg press supaset jump squats, triset ext, curls and deep long walking lunges then15 min rower. Down the aminos and I am feeling 110% (legs are a little tight though)

I couldn't resist myself this morning and jumped on my scales at home as I actually have 1 week left before my official first measure day and woot woo! holy cow! another nice drop. So I promptly texted 'Michelangelo' and said can you please please please make sure I keep up the intensity of my training. I am loving the results

I think the part that is truly amazing me (and I have posted this many times so far) is the diligence I seem to have in keeping my eating so so so clean and to the planned letter. As mentioned before the above list is exactly what I have eaten/drunk that is not on plan!

Go me!


0 Sep 2009 02:37 AM
BOY! was it hard climbing those stairs to the gym this morning!!!

I did pilates last night and we worked on abdominals, hamstrings and hip flexors! There were these 2 crazy leg exercises that created such a burn, it felt like someone had lit a fire under my legs.

Then this morning walking up the stairs to the gym, I really had a hard time lifting the legs up, only to jump on a bike and spin for 45 mins. But I will say they loosened up after a 8min and 30 second standing hill climb at 75% resistance! Phew, I would call that riding up Mt Kosiosko!

Went and gave blood just before (AB+). My once every three month good samaritan work is done!

Currently chowing down on 200gm green beans raw and 120gm of chicken breast steamed with chilli!

Got 30mins cardio this afternoon and then Balance..............ahh looking forward to the bird in the balance track! Catch you all on the flip side.

Ciao! Have a great day!

09 Sep 2009 10:49 AM
Well back home again after going to gym again after work. Did 30 mins cardio on xtrainer alternating high level and low levels. then did pilates with Mr 'Michelangelo'! My butt! I reckon I am going to have buns of steel by the time this challenge is over.

Quick dinner of steamed barramundi and broccoli! yummo.

Well best be getting my clothes ready and food packed for tomorrow. Got a spin class, abs and then cardio at night and Body Balance.

Have a great night!

08 Sep 2009 10:03 PM

Well another 2 days down and still 100% clean eating..........on a roll!

Monday saw me doing a spin class and some abs, but nothing at night, my parents are up from Tenterfield visiting - sister in trouble again up at Noosa - gone to bail her out once again.

Yesterday was a big day with 1 hour cardio before an hour of weights, then a big big boxing session with more abs and then my weekly relax in the steam room! 25 mins I lasted, really would like to take it 30 mins on average. That last 5 mins is really sticky and I start to feel slightly nauseated. Then jump in freezing cold shower for 5 mins and done for the day. I have noticed on a Tuesday i really sleep soundly, don't hear anything until it is just before my alarm goes off, I seem to wake up.

This morning was another session with "Michelangelo" and we did arms.....arms......arms.....arms. I can already start to feel my arms being heavy while I am typing this. This afternoon I have 30 min cardio then 'michelangelo's' pilates class. Another caining on the abs.

I was talking about what is different for me this time around with sticking to clean eating and dedication to my eating plan, with my friends yesterday morning and my smart friend promptly announces - "it is because you have finally stopped feeling sorry for yourself". You know what, I am incline to the think the same way now..........after digesting that comment, it really shocked me to hear that is what has been noticed about me. I never in my wildest thoughts ever thought I was feeling sorry for myself, but I can actually see it now. How good is it to see something you have never noticed before!

I have had a few comments at the gym regarding slight changes in my looks and this is pumping my ego a little. But I am a little scared in becoming complacent with everything if I start getting too many comments. Something I am going to have to work on. No I am determined to keep on this current track. I am just loving it at the moment and even have massive amounts of energy. Funny my body feels like it has a lot of energy but sometimes my legs are so so so so sluggish. Well got to go, so talk to you all soon.

Have a great day.


05 Sep 2009 05:18 AM
righto then!

have accomplished nearly all of the set tasks for the week. Managed another intense hour of boxing with friend at her gym. It has some excellant Hammer equipment, shame we don't have some of that at our gym.................but the grass always seems greener on the other side. I will admit, my gym has much more free weight equipment, which is more my favourite type of exercise anyway.

Now I have only 2 more set tasks to do. a 60 min walk which I will leave till tomorro morning when I walk down to get the morning paper from the shops and 1 hour of my choice in cardio. Unsure what I am going to pick there. Maybe a bike ride around. There is always the spin bike infront of a 'chick flick' that would certainly pass the time away! hehehehe.

Well might just lay down and have a little catnap.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies.


04 Sep 2009 12:46 AM

Hey hey

I can't believe a whole week has just flown by. so many things have happened.

And no before any conclusions are jumped, I am still strong with my challenge - 14 days now and not one deviaton from food plan! Woo Hoo!

May as well get sad news over with first. We had to let our darling 15 year staffy go to sleep forever on Wednesday and still pretty sad for me atm. Tears are just welling up while I am typing it. We knew it would be soon as he was suffering with cancers and tumors and even though you are prepared for it, it is still pretty hard. I think what shook me the most was the little puppy we have (yes another staffy) sat on the burial mound for 2 hours, that just broke my heart. Was cuddling little Diesel last night and he seems so sad, so very quiet - normally he wants to play! Okay eyes are wiped, time for an update on the challenge.

I have been soooooooooo flat out! I am averaging 2 and a bit hours of exercise a day, a variety of things, and finding this actually quite rewarding - go figure. As stated above my food has been 100% clean and strictly to the plan........and that my dears is absolutely amazing!

So Monday started with a spin class and abs, afternoon a major HIIT sesh with boxing 3 mins, skipping 3 mins and then 20-25 tricep pushups. This was repeated 5 rounds.

Tuesday weight sesh with girlfriends then boxing in afternoon and that all so glorious 30min sauna/steam room session!

Wednesday - well it was Michelangelo's time to torture me and that he succeed quite well at. Even he had a chuckle because he killed me...........evil man I tell you........but still good eye candy!!!!! That afternoon, as though I didn't have enuf torture from this man, I had to do his pilates class. So Funny, I arrived at the gym with about 10mins spare before the class and there was a massive line up of all these little teeny boppers!!!! And all through class, there was some giggling.................all there to see my Michelangelo in is his tight little white singlet! hubba hubba. LMAO! Boy am I going to give him a hard time next wednesday............oooh maybe not, it could only backfire on me right????? Back to pilates..............I died! 45 mins of abdominal workouts and 15 mins of glutes.......I walked out of there saying " my legs, my legs, I can't feel my legs"! Part of the morning sesh with the master, was these absolutly killer hamstring exercises.

Thursday was spin in morning along with abs (you would think I have had enuf of these but no they are on the plan so I must follow) then in the afternoon it was Balance time! Ahhh the stretch, loving it!

This morning was crazy leg day, same as last week and do you think my legs wanted to work properly. It actually took the 15 mins of cardio on xtrainer first up to get them moving right, then when I got the walking lunges..............OMGosh!

So I still have a boxing session, a 60min walk and an hour of cardio of my choice still to do! Someone pick me up off the floor. But hey, we had a preliminary check on scales this morning and I gotta say I was more than impressed! A nice big drop which helped me, I was so anxious that I would get my normal readings - which normally is not a lot. It has now geared me for the next two weeks towards the official 4 week weigh and measure. Be interesting to see what body fat % has dropped! hmmmm.

So that is it in a nut shell and I am so looking forward to sunday - the day of rest and sleep in. But I was thinking about taking my bike down the coast, and riding from the spit down to burleigh and back. Such a beautiful weekend weather wise, would be a shame to waste it and what a beautiful ride it would be along the coast.

well best be getting back to work!


28 Aug 2009 11:06 AM
OMgosh, thanks Lia.............luv my goldi's.

Update time.

Well another tick in the box for today..........a clean eating day and massive session with weights and cardio.

Well this morning was another killer leg session starting with xtrainer warm up on level 8, maintain 70rpm (more like a friggin sprint), then leg press supaset with jump squats 15 x 3, shoulder press supaset barbell curl 15 x 3, triset of leg ext, leg curl and weighted walking lunges 15 x 3, triset movement on abs - ab crunches, knee raises and crunches with knees up 25 x 3. I think I may have justpulled a small muscle in the side of my back as I have a little niggle, but I think that a good night sleep will fix that too.

Just come home from going out to dinner at the local pub (gotta love this local) asked for grilled steak 120gms and large salad with no dressing - exactly what I got! Loving the fact that I can go out to have dinner and do not even deviate 1 bit from the plan..............really helps that the local pub is vey good at your requests.

So plan for tomorro is walking around the hills of Ormeau with friend and dogs - this usually takes an hour and then i have this huge session instructed to me on my "Sistine Chapel Blue Print" of boxing on bag, skipping, pushups, jump squats, mountain climbers for 5 rounds - 2 mins each item. Well you gotta do what you gotta do! Looking forward to sunday..............have been told to do nothing!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend, no doubt I will keep you posted as per the norm.


ey hey UPdate time

Well today started with abs and a great heavy spin class. Come away from the spin class on a high and the energy levels stayed with me all day. Wahoo!

Finished off tonite with the new launch of the new body balance and loving it. It is tuff but very smooth and slow, so you really work hard. I had so much sweat dripping off me, it was not funny.

LiaI have to tell you i am still earning my gold star. Day 6 on the regimented eating and not one stray or piciking! Smokin baby!

Okay the auditors have not been so bad this week, mind you I say this with tongue in cheek.

Tomorrow is going to be very hard. I have some serious leg workout in the morning and then boxing again tomorrow night.

I will let you know how I fee.


25 Aug 2009 11:45 PM
Okay update time.......................

OOOOwwwwww! There I think that says a lot..........hehehehe.

Okay tell me someone, which devil demi god created burpees and mountain climbers!!!!!!!!!!!! huh whaat on earth were they thinking!

Training Tuesday morning was great - really felt my delts though. then boxing in the afternoon which I ran out of puff about 2/3's in, lucky I have an exceptional boxing partner who pushed me on. Best part was sitting in the steam room for 20mins know I doubted it but now proven - saunas do help with recovery! I was up with god knows what owls this morning at 4.00am waiting for my 'construction session with Michelangelo'. Should hav stayed in bed............nuh just joshing! I feel pretty fantastic atm but very sore at the same time. What a full on session. Burpees supaset with Arnold presses, hack squats supasets with step ups, running up and down board supa set with mountian climbers! Pilates on tonight (again with McDreamy Michelangelo)!(shhhh don't tell his girlfriend I said that) hehehehehe. Funny, how stupid does this sound, he is killing me but who cares, he is great to look at! LMAO

So on the food front, I so deserve that gold star! OMgosh, I can not believe how regimented I have been so far.........................pinch me, am I awake???? Whats going on...........????

Okay best be getting back to work, will catch up soon - tad busy - auditors are still here.


have a fabuloso day guys!

Update time

Well I have amazingly sore delts from boxing on Sunday oh yeah not to mention my obliques!!! Obviously I worked harder than normal.....wahoo! Yesterday I had a triset on my legs, leg ext, leg curl and weighted walking lunges. Then a supaset of shoulder press and ba'rbell bicep curl - then some abba dabba's (which I forgot to do) cardio 15mins on xtrainer before and 15 mins rower after. Put 110% effort into it and consequently I was feeling a little jaded by the time I got home last night - both physically and mentally...........remember those pesky auditors! hahahaha

Caught up with my abba dabba's last night, although it was a piss poor effort and believe it or not, I was in bed fast asleep by 7.00pm. Slept like a baby.

Food is very restricted atm and have stuck to it like glue..........but had the nasty "you are hungry" around 3.00pm yesterday, after meal 4..........drank 750mls of water with a bit of diet lime cordial in it and after about 1/2 an hour it went away. So all good. I was almost thinking I need to "phone a friend" to get me through it. but then I was struck with a nasty headache after that, didn't seem to dispate at all. So I am very happy with the first 3 days of challenge, especially not picking while cooking other meals for the boys. and I have not had the need to 'refeed'.

Well I had better get organised to go to gym, it is my later start day, the day I socialise and train with a couple of friends. going to be a long day today, as I have boxing this afternoon and then I have my first seminar to attend for the 12 week challenge. We get marked on how many we attend and a percentage of the mark goes towards the winning points. So it is off to be a good attendee, I want to win this.

Another scorcher here again, hopefully not too many bush fires............idots who throw cigarette butts out of windows!!!!!!!! Hope you all have a fantastic day.

Ciao Monte Bellas!

23 Aug 2009 09:50 AM
Okay lets try this again!

So last week was a horror week at work but a great week training. This week for work is going to be a bit testing too, with auditors in, but hey they have to abide by our work times, the rules are set.

But arhhhh the 12 week challenge has officially started. Weigh in was on Saturday and I must admit I was a little disappointed with 'Michelangelo', I mean I was waiting for my game plan from him but he seemed to be more interested in training himself. So I sent him a email asking what is my game plan and that he needs to show me that he is wanting to win as much as show me the get into it with me. Do you think that was a bit harsh????????

So yesterday was exercise free but sure made up for it today. Had an awesome boxing session with a friend at her house. My upper back and rear delts are very tight. Luv it.

So game on and let the cardio and soreness begin. I have planned to do a spin class in morning. Talking to my friend today, and we agree that probably the best thing to do is mostly cardo at this point, maintaining my amino acids and ensuring the macro nutrients are clean. I cut, cooked and batched up 5 breakfasts, 4 morning snacks, 3 afternoon snacks and 4 lunches.

So easy going in the morning - wake up 4.00pm, pack bags, go to gym, walk up and down stairs for 1/2 hour before gym opens and then do a spin class.

Well I had better go get my clothes together and I am rather sleepy. so nighty night!


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My Feelings!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Long overdue post

Hey hey

a long overdue post. I have been rather busy of late. Started the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge 15 days ago and am extremely happy to say that last night was my first off plan meal and in that the only thing that was off plan was 2 very small glasses of wine. I am so overwhelmed at my diligence, that I am still in shock that I am acheiving this.

Training has been above and beyond. But the best is, I am loving it! When I saw my schedule I almost died in shock. The first week I did 3/4 of the list, missing only 2 planned exercises and last week I managed all the of the schedule tasks! Woot woot! And I truly believe that a devil god created burpees and mountain climbers!!!!!

So we did a preliminary weigh in on Friday and to say that I was so pleasantly surprised. I had a quite a considerable drop - almost too good to be true, but I am going to take it, I worked very hard for it!

I have been very busy at work as well, but hoping that I will be able to post more updates here over the next ten weeks. So I have to go now but will be back real soon.