Sunday, 6 September 2009

Long overdue post

Hey hey

a long overdue post. I have been rather busy of late. Started the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge 15 days ago and am extremely happy to say that last night was my first off plan meal and in that the only thing that was off plan was 2 very small glasses of wine. I am so overwhelmed at my diligence, that I am still in shock that I am acheiving this.

Training has been above and beyond. But the best is, I am loving it! When I saw my schedule I almost died in shock. The first week I did 3/4 of the list, missing only 2 planned exercises and last week I managed all the of the schedule tasks! Woot woot! And I truly believe that a devil god created burpees and mountain climbers!!!!!

So we did a preliminary weigh in on Friday and to say that I was so pleasantly surprised. I had a quite a considerable drop - almost too good to be true, but I am going to take it, I worked very hard for it!

I have been very busy at work as well, but hoping that I will be able to post more updates here over the next ten weeks. So I have to go now but will be back real soon.



Stephanie Davis said...

keep shocking yourself with just how dedicated u can be dori- your confidence will soar! amazing job xx

Splice said...

The Goodlife 12 week challenge is awesome! I have a few clients im training for it so I will be at the rewards dinner again so hope to see you there :-)
Keep up the awesome work.
Debs xxx