Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I am warrior!

Spartan I am!

Well this week has been more than action packed. Monday started with spin class and massive triple ab sets. then Tuesday started with 45mins of interval cardio, followed by weights sessions. Massive boxing session in the afternoon then a beautiful chill in steam room.

This morning I arrived to be trained by 'Michelangelo' and discovered that I am doing the '300 Spartan training' session. Whoa, talk about a full on hard push. But absolutely loved it. Didn't think I would enjoy this type of training but killed. I think the fact that he was standing over me made a bigger difference. I can tell you that I will be very sore tomorrow morning. Tonight I went back for his pilates class and my abs are just dying! But I am getting stronger in them, just have to get rid of some boobs and belly and then it will be very easy! hehehe.

Now I have to do this '300' training twice a week, so next session is on Friday night, modified to suit me at home. Following is what I did at gym this morning.

25 pullups as fast as you can
50 deadlifts as fast as you can - olympic bar and 10kg each side.
50 pushups as fast as you can
50 box jumps as fast as you can
50 floor wipers as fast as you can
50 clean and press (dumbbell or kettle ball) as fast as you can
25 pullups as fast as you can.

My home version I do burpees instead of pullups.

So the rest of week is pretty crazy too, spin in the morning, super ab set, balance in afternoon, Friday 30 mins cardio interval, then 1 hour with Michelangelo, 300 training in afternoon, bootcamp on Saturday morning and then a massive long walk in afternoon. Oh Sunday has just got to be the day of sleep????????????????? and only to start all over again on Monday! loving it loving it loving it!



LizN said...

Oh Dori, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. You rock!

Liz xoxo

Hilary said...

You are looking awesome Doris, I saw you the other morning looking mighty red-faced after a tough PT session!

Enjoy that sleep on Sunday!

Hilary xx

Stephanie Davis said...

hey doris thanks heaps for your recent comment on my blog. i can't believe how much weight you've dropped so far on the 12 week challenge, eagerly awaiting your next update! i hear you on the fluid front, you wouldn't believe how much i dropped for the show through the water deplete- was a lil scary but worked a treat! You already have a small army of devoted supporters Doris, we will see you to the stage and beyond! :) xoxoxoxox