Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Renegade Manmakers!

Hey peepers, thought it was time to talk a little.

Well Challenge is travelling slowly now, as the initial weight drop has slowed somewhat down. That is good, means I am doing the right thing.

Training has geared up several notches with new styles of training being introduced to keep that body of my guessing at all times. I have noticed that my body can adapt to a training regime quite quickly, so the aim of the game is to freak it out at all times.

Having said that, last Friday we did a huge training session (Michelangelo the trainer and myself) which part of it was “Renegade Man Makers”! Whoa! Talk about hard and different. There are many versions of it on the web, but here is the one I did.

Start with dumbbells in hand in a push up position with legs slightly wider apart. Single row from each arm then down into a pushup. Burpee up from there into a standing shoulder press with DB. Single walking lunge on each leg. Do about 5 reps of this routine, then jump on rower for a full minute sprint – sitting around 65 – 70 strokes/min. this was then repeated 5 times. These little babies were done after 5 sets of clean and press set 30kg supaset with 16kg KB (50)swings and before 5 sets stair runs supaset with front kicks. Hmmm pattern here, must like everything in fives??? As you can see my weight training is very cardio based, with a few heavy sessions thrown in here and there. I do miss my heavy weights, but they will always come back! But absolutely loving it!

On the food front, my eating guidelines have changed again, increased to compensate all the exercise I am doing. I now have more carbs, more protein and of course, more broccoli!

Well there is officially 4 & ½ weeks left on the gyms 12 week challenge and I have come to the acceptance that I will not win it! I set my goal for this and will keep trying to achieve this goal, but as I said in the beginning it is a big ask…………….and I forgot about my body’s issue with recovery fluid. But overall I will have had a great result anyway, and you have always got to be happy with that. I know that my cardio fitness level is increasing all the time and that definitely is a goal achieved. And I am starting to enjoy the cardio side of things, probably because it is so different.

Well not much more to talk about, life has been the same almost everyday…………eating, training, sleeping.

Have a great week.



Hilary said...

Oh wow that workout sounds intense! Sounds like you are doing great, only 4 weeks left of your challenge, how quick did that go?!!

Hilary xx