Sunday, 4 October 2009

I am too quick to judge!

Hey there, about time posted me thinks.

First I think I will address a situation I was in last night. A dear friend of mine who is a FD at another gym told me she had taken on one of her trainers to train her. I don't like the guy and I promptly said so. But I think I upset her by saying this. I am only too sori if this is the case. My opinion of this person is only from past experience which he was not very nice to me. I tend to have a bit of a problem of remembering bad things and not letting go! A trait that i shall endeavour one day to fix, but alas the little gremlin feeling often comes back and clouds my judgements. I really should give that person the benefit of doubt that he is a changed person or I mistook his persona in the first place. I am only too happy that my friend has found another trainer that she feels confident with and one that she feels will produce the results she is looking for.

On to my challenge..............I have been really working hard at my challenge and yes I am doing a lot more than general life style changes would be, but remembering I have an awful lot of weight to shed. A comment was said to me on the weekend and I feel I just have to have a little say(seems to be the norm atm hhahahahah) If this is working for me atm, then I think i will stick to something that is working, even if I am busting my boiler to get. I figure if I can get there, it would to easier to maintain at a lifestyle level than at the weight loss level. i have been on this yoyo run for a very long time and even with the knowledge behind me (yes I have my cert 3 and cert 4 in Fitness)I still struggle mentally with all the ups and downs of the day to day humdrums of trying to lose the weight I have put on over 18 years. I also have another bad trait and take to heart when someone else has a better result at something that I work so hard at and they do not, it used to get to my head.............I would get all depressed and stress over the fact that i can not acheive results like some others. I think the worst is when you are told it is all down to energy in verses energy out and your calories expended on exercise alone is over 1000 calories and your intake for the day is 1400 calories, then being told you are not eating enough???? Well what is it??? BUT and this is a big BUT, is not the case this time................for some unknown reason, this little push to get my ball rolling is actually working and i think I have blogged this before, maybe it is because I have finally stopped feeling sorry for myself!

Motivation is a funny word as what is the motivation??? Am I motivated to exercise.............hell yes! Albeit i was not so into cardio, I was always into heavy weights. Fell in love with free weights about 8 years ago and have never looked back at that. But taking on "Michelangelo" at my gym, I think has changed a few things too. We do a lot of weights mixed with cardio, so in fact I have an elevated heart rate at all times...........lighter weights (for me) so many more reps and so little rest times. Snap, snap, snap..............

Food is an issue, being told quite often, you are not eating enough, you are eating too much, you should not eat this, you should eat this..................but I think if you can find something you are comfortable with and able to maintain at a longer period of time, just go with the flow. I have found this right little mix atm and I don't seem to be sick of it yet. I basically have the same thing day in day out except for dinner, that is decided on the day and what is in fridge at the time. I know some of you think you should have a variation to make sure you get enough of everything, but I can tell you the only things I am missing out on is not appropriate food to the weight loss goal! I have also gotten out of measuring food, becoming obsessed with how many calories I was eating............taking it back to just being consistant! Part of the challenge they give you a guideline of what to eat in foods, but I have modified it for me (I tend to think it does not allow for enough protein), and it has allowed me to be constant in maintaining my plan, to which I can proudly say I that I have only strayed from it twice (eaten off plan) and missed 5 meals and had 6 extra tidbits in the last 6 weeks. So something that is comfortable and enjoyable to eat. I do however write down everything that has passed my lips (including suppliments) only to show the trainer what my intake was for the day against what training I had done for the day. Part of his requirment.

So I have six weeks left of this challenge and hoping that I might have a decent result for the ending, but I have already made plans to keep on this path well after the challenge has finished. I expect this will not be a problem as I am not finding this difficult in anyway. I will say although, I am experiencing hungry feelings before each meal, more so in the morning than evening, so this is a good sign that the metabolism is working at its very best.

So today was supposed to hold a bike ride - about 21km and then 300 training but i was way too slack. I have been lying on the couch all afternoon catching up on blogs, posts on forums and facebook. i still have a shitload of clothes to wash and fold and then there is dinner............steak tonight i think! yummo!

Full week of training again on the cards with two killing sessions with 'Michelangelo'. Last week he killed me. But I am noticing changes in my pilates, my abdominals appear to be a little stronger, in balance I can twist and stretch a little further, cross training with him always seems more and more intense and cardio - there is more and more of it!

Well I have blabbed enough, so will be back soon.

have a great week with your endeavours and most of all enjoy yourself.



Anonymous said...

Hey Dori - i think you are doing great. As for your friend, you like any other human, just went with your first instinct and was honest with her. I'm certain she will see this!
Keep being consistent babe and most of all ENJOY your life xxoo Fernster

Esme said...

Doris, you seem like you have found what is working for you, good on you. Es

Anonymous said...

Hi D, this is your friend :)
You are totally entitled to your opinion, and i understand and am not the least bit upset. Quite frankly, I didn't have a nice opinion of him before he started working here, but that has changed totally. I think we are all works in progress (incl myself) and maybe he's changing for the better. I think it's important to keep an open mind and give people a second chance. If we still don't like them, file them in the too hard basket.
xoxoxo Sabi
PS had an awesome training session !!!!!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Dori, agree with you about this:
I think if you can find something you are comfortable with and able to maintain at a longer period of time, just go with the flow. Have a great weekend!